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My Journals!

Want to know hu i am?

here is goes:

The reality to know who am I =}

March 21 1993, the two becomes three; the last fruit in the family, another one who can make them happy; just like the two as you can see. Do you know who is he? It's just me. The inner and radiant me. The youngest in the family.

The Future Dreamer. God's Believer and Difficulty Survivor. What can you say?

My beautiful nickname, Jing; would always whisper from the mouth of my parents if they have something that they want me to do. Seldom called me RJ if i did something inappropriate for them. I abhor calling me in this name: JR! Especially if their is someone who will hand me some things I own or whatever ( It sounds like This: JR-O) I am like a prostitute GOSH. My world will turn into black if I always heard this to anybody. Above all, I feel I was stepped down in my feet.

My number one hobby is surfing the World Wide Web,(in short www). I gradually visit this following famous sites: Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Twitter, Forumotions and Programming Specialties like Javascriptkit and many more. I have blog too, where i wrote my secrets inside. In other word, It serves as my creamy diary..

After my class, I gently hurry up to my home, to harvest my crops, to yield more XP for my levels and rewards in farmville. I was truly a ddicted in this game. Even on my First time, it was a nice and enjoying game. Duh!

Talking of how others appreciate about me, here it goes:

Most of them says, I'm cute. Especially when i stare, my eyes somewhat gleaming like a star. When i smile, apparently a close-up model in town. I do have kissable lips according to my classmates. They also say that i could be a singer and a graceful dancer in our generation. It's so nice to hear those flattered feedbacks.

If some could appreciate me to the highest level, there's someone also who can impose criticisms to me. What i did for them was all negative, kinda trying hard one. A terrifying sinner, herewith, a destroyer. An unbreed human or just "FEELER". How could they possibly judged these things to me? As i knew to myself. it would never be my ways nor my attitude towards my environment. Yes, I am truly imperfect but not a disgusting shrek..

No matter how hard they pull me down, the things they have done would never be the reason that I'll let myself fall into a single piece (never). What they do is a part of my learning in terms on how to be braved and to unmind their ill deeds. It's normal. What they knew from me was still up to them. I know what the true me is. If they don't. So, why should I. Their gossips can't save me!

Fallen by my 'SAME'
new year na!! 1st Monday of January, i felt something in missing someone, i miss my very lambing classmate w/c is same with my ways.

okie, i know that it gets you quite difficult what i mean, but just follow the flow of my narration...

Actually before our Christmas bowl, we do have many memories, something about sweetness and sometimes doing naughty things like, acting like lovers even though it looks like awkward to someone who can see.

hai nko, too much for that, after that, christmas bowl has come, i was so very sad at that moment, i don't know why!!

i feel something that if i let this xmas party lapsed i'll lost millions of opportunities in life.. duh we all know we can never stop the time.hehe

Until, i found out, in christmas eve, huhuhu how can i portray this to everyone huhu, i miss my classmate who obviously what you think at me, and not just a feeling of missing that person, but i learned to love my classmate. My gosh is this still in a sense of talking? i really can't take this anymore. i'm truly in love in that person gosh!..

untiL. The 1st Monday of 2010 comes, i was so excited upon seeing my classmate..i was really into rush, preparing everything before going to school. Until i'm ready to take-off. Oh God i can't wait to see my classmate.hehe.

But while i am going to school reaching along the gate, my classmate is at my back following me w/o letting me to know that he is abaft me. duh

Do you know what that person did? maybe if you'll know you'LL be shocked.

My classmate covered me using my classmate's hands and that's not the climax and the things i mean.

this is what i mean you'LL be shocked. that person embraced me and kissed me on my chicks.

My God even you, you'll be traumatic shocked (char) if you'll get a glimpse of kiss especially through your love one...

I haven't thought that their something what my classmate did to me, it's natural for us close and friend.dba(hndi nmn sa lahat ng oras ung pag mahal mo, ganon know na)

kaya lng, behind those things i can't define how i love my classmate.... nakakainis, kac my classmate Got something itself childish or sabhin nlng nating premature.. maybe that person wouldn't believe me, instead, it feels awkward.

kaya ganon, i know this will not be a good ending for you, hindi pa kac end ung story namin, kaya lang ang pait dito hindi kami pwede kahit bali baliktarin ang mundo.

you want to know why?

1 word i can say!

were "GAYS"

it hurts so much! grbeh.....
even him will never love me because of our genders.

Things kac nagustuhan ko sa kanya, he's handsome ang brilliant at tsaka sbi nya he's not gay.kaya ganon, but he act like a gay.basta ambot!
To be continued

When i love agen

My heart was just in silence and afraid to be hurt again, i never wonder how hard just to be a single one, even though it's so difficult to accept that a person like me is unacceptable when it comes in true love.

1st day of school,

it was the time for my renewal and promises not to fool itself by somebody else.

However, expression couldn't be easily saying, "Sos, kaya nga nilang walang boyfriend ako pa?"

at that moment, i have enjoyed myself to be a single one. Then suddenly, their is something that let all my pledges fade.

i was jailed with that guy, no matter he is not the most handsome in town, but he is nice in everything.

I forget everything, the things i promise, the persons i cursed!

nasabi ko pa sa sarili ko: "Oh God, how can i make him in love with me?"

i never revealed it to my best friends nor to him, just to put it in a mysterious way.

as day passed, i kept on looking at him before flag ceremony occur,
i want to see him always before i go inside in our school premises, so that i can aspire myself to interact inside.

Til one day, he texted me, i don't know why and what is his reasons.

1 week later, he suspected that i loved him so much,

Sabi ko pa nga, "pep, what if sabhin ko sayo na mahal kita, mamahalin mo rin ba ako?

he haven't replied to me, i was thinking,

does it a good plan i have made?

after 2 days, he texted me, "hi Jing"

i responded, "hello Pep ko".

unfortunately, he said, i know how much you love me jing, i know what you feel as of now, but how can i say to you, na

I replied, what are you talking about?

he said, Jing ang hirap mang sabihin, hindi ko kayang mahalin ang taong katulad mo at tsaka, may mahal na akong iba, at mahal na mahal ko sya.

i felt so much afflicted in my side. I have never expected that this will happen again in my life. how can this be?

Sabi pa nya, marami pa nmn jan, mas gwapo at mabait keysa sa akin. At tsaka sorry tlga hah, mahal ko tlga sya.

I've asked him what is the reason,

sabi nya,

you're a gay, and gays are not authorized to love by boys.

iyak ako ng iyak, wla akong magawa kundi umiyak, At pilit kong kinalimutan ang sakit na hanggang ngayon it exist parin inside!

Bakit hindi nla kami kayang mahalin?

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