Drama ni PHREM. :D

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Drama ni PHREM. :D

Hi there reader ,
before you continue reading ..
please raise your right hand , && promise to read my journal
until the end of what I'd wrote ..
Done? Thank you . lmao

The birthname was Premrose Hallarces Malan ..
famously known as PHREM in the cyber world especially on other forums out there . No need to mention them , i might go break the rules . nako Im a half-Kastila churva like what my granny used to say , who just passed away this last Feb. 5, 2010 . UGH ! enuf drama . But i use to put as a PURE FILIPINA on my bio .
So yeah, im making such issues &&& noises since the 2nd of July 1993 .. so just count how old i am .. DONT BE LAZY , i know you'll just use your fingers . lmao Im currently studying at Adamson University , Manila as a 1st year college student with a course of Architecture which was i dont like at all . My parents does .

Many people used to call me STUNNING , or in other words Ganda .. oh stfu ! lmao (Sakiel, i know you used to call me that way) .. Actually , im not that pretty when you see me in person . Im just a simple slut living at Sapang Palay , Bulacan but currently boarding at Mandaluyong . Im a camwhore && a certified Photoshop addict so yeah .. im good at ripping my own face . lmao So don't you dare call me PRETTY ! lmao Im used to communicate with people in a pranky way , BASTUSAN kung baga . lmao WEEEEEHHH , just get to know me more when time comes . Just don't call me that way ayt ?

So what all bout my personality ..
Simple as PRANK ! ncmnt Im totally prank , i used to spit some words that definitely make people go laugh but not all .. i must insist , but few people hate what i used to be . (SSSSHHH, i just spit truths.) I may be kinda SHOWY or MAYABANG but its in the right place & time . GAWD ! I like saying unusual words like "TAE" , "PESTE" , "TAKTE" .. so wag kna mgtaka pg nag-usap teo ! Sorry but i used to talk that way since i went to high school .. \m/ I don't care on some people who just hated me , i know they're just envy . One thing , don't try to backstab me , you don't know what words could spit in my mouth that can make you cry . Try to know me more before you spit some word behind my back .

I hardly believe in ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS even LONG DISTANCE rel'nships . puke Im a YAHOO 10 user && a certified GLOBE user since Elem . Wink I have a smart sim but i often use it . If you do want to text me , feel free to PM me anytime . Im not selfish in giving numbers , dont worry .. im just giving other's numbers ! lmao JK!

People told me i was kinda immature when it comes to PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, but they just don't know what ive gone through . I've been fooled & tricked for many times . I dunno why , im trying to be perfect but fate just can't let me happy with someone . Im a loyal girlfriend in some ways . TRUE ! But now, my last relationship did made me crazy , he left me with no reason at all .. I was kinda foolish to think that he's already flirting with another while were still going steady . I made all the possible things that could made him come back , but destiny never let me be . I may have more than 15 boyfriends since highschool but I'VE NEVER BEEN TOUCHED even my finger . lmao I may be fool , but i also take TXT Relationships seriously .. Hey, are you crying? =)) My life's kinda dramatic isnt it? Ignore it .

So how do i describe myself ;;
-- Slim but sexy
-- Prank
-- Having long black hair with kinda brown
-- Cheerful
-- Emotional in some ways
-- Middle Class
-- Lazy
-- GFX Maker
-- Simple but cool
-- Camwhore
.. uhhhh , can't think of any more . bounce

Oh well, you could catch me up at these sites anytime .

Thanks for reading this looooooooonnnnng intro ..
Your reward will be given tomorrow ! lmao

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Drama ni PHREM. :D :: Comments

Post on Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:42 am by `nikkybabe.

phrem, nang aasar lng dao cla for calling you "ganda". =))
anyway its true. you're pretty really.

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Post on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:55 pm by xP►[bianx'♥]

cool name !!

haha . haba ng journal .. nxt taym ko na tposin XD

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Post on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:05 pm by Phrem

JOANNA : lol!. sure ! lmao nasl ? :D
MARZ : lol!. really ? uto uto is what i call to those who will raise their hand for reals . lmao jk . Thanks anyway ! :">
BEBE PINK : lol! . you're also slim ?? whoa . you don't look like one . lmao well anyway , thanks . :D You're not an FC , you're a mod here .. i think im the one having FCs . ROFL . *pa-humble effect* lmao
NIKKI : nooooooo~ pls . Don't call me pretty ! Im really not . Im just kinda a camwhore thats why ! lmao
BIANX : my gaaawwwwd ~ ! don't call me by my full name , im not used to hear people calling me that way . Don't need to finish reading it , its up to you . :">

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Post on Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:32 am by timmy

nice journal phrem lmao

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Post on Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:32 am by `nikkybabe.

naah. all people are pretty & handsome.
creations of God are real wonderful especially us people.
Very blessed.

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Post on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:32 am by L'Jyen [♥]

Phrem wrote:Yen : ok . :D but don't respect me too much like im a 50 yr old . LOL . Anyway, you're really far huh .. Negros Oriental .

hmmm..but not too far though..it's still in the Philippines, right? lol!

hmmm..okei-okei..i'll erase the manners for a while lmao
so, what's our call sign? para di na aco mag-po-ate lol!)

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Post on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:37 am by `PAU.sunshine

nice journal ..

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Post on Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:15 pm by karenXD

Hello ate Phrem,
medyo familiar kna sken ksi nkikita kita kung saan saan lmao

Sana maging active ka po dito. Nice journal. Ang haba =))^^v
Nice to know you.

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Post on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:44 am by Phrem

Ljyen : Just call me by my name . PHREM .
Pau : Tnx .
Karen : really ? where ? HAHA . Thanks btw .

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Post on Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:45 pm by L'Jyen [♥]

phrem? hmm..okei

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Post on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:00 pm by xP►[bianx'♥]

haba .. but done reading it ..
i just love ur unique name :">

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Post on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:02 pm by Krista (:

haba ng joyii mu gurl.. XD
but i like it. lol!

tara close!?

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