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Advertise your social network sites!

Post by Russel on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:09 am

We are announcing that you can now advertise your social network site here in DPC forum! We offer this service for you to have more friends, followers and more! The Tables Ads is posted in the forum and categories. Do you like your social networking site be posted or advertised there? Then follow this section criteria and make a new request thread. (Request One at a time only. If you have requested and as published your site there. i.e. facebook, you cannot make a new request again unless your site that has been advertised there is already removed.)

[*] My social networking site primary photo URL: (Note: width:90px height:120px is must!, if is not, then resize it)
[*]Description of my social network site :
[*] My site's link :

NOTE: You can request if you have at least 100 minimum of forum post counts.

Use this topic icon for request =>>>
Your site will be advertised in forum only for 3 days.
You can request once a week only

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