*NEW* Member's Own Shop

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*NEW* Member's Own Shop

Post by Patrick on Sat May 01, 2010 7:30 pm

Do you want that each member can open his/her own shop?

Here's how it goes:
The member will have to reply on this thread stating that he/she wishes to open his/her own shop. That certain member will be deducted 500 DPC Cash for this. But don't worry, this is only a one-time payment. Once that certain member has paid, he/she can already create his/her own thread in the 'DPC Shop' section for his/her own shop. To ensure that the shop of that certain member is an authorized shop of DPC, one of the administrators will be posting on that thread (most probably, first reply) in this format:

This is an authorized shop by Dynamic Profile Codes forum. Have fun purchasing!

BTW, here's the code:
[color=lime][b]This is an authorized shop by Dynamic Profile Codes forum.[/b][/color]

What can a member sell in this so-called own shop?
>> A member can sell internet stuffs such as codes for a Plurk layout, codes for a Friendster layout, cheat codes for internet games and applications, special and exclusively made graphic designs (signatures, userbars, etc.), Friends for Sale purchase, and the like. Meaning, you can sell virtual stuffs BUT NOT real stuffs especially real money. The seller will have to send the sold stuffs if they are codes/exclusive layouts/exclusive graphics through a PM to the buyer. If it is nothing confidential such as a Friends for Sale purchase, then the seller can just post that he has already done the service in his thread (own shop). Then, the buyer will have to reply on the thread of that certain seller (thread for the seller's shop) that he/she has already received the stuff/s he/she has ordered.

How much can I sell these stuffs? (or is there a maximum price?)
Any price. You can always edit your price and quantity stated for a certain item anytime you want. Just edit the thread that you have made to do so.

How can I receive my points for the item/s that I have sold?
Your buyer must have to post on this thread for a Cash Transfer:

Just in case there would be GAMBLERS who purchased a stuff, received the stuff/service (IN CASE THE ITEM/S IS/ARE SENT THROUGH PM: If the message you have created is still in the outbox, it means that your buyer hasn't really read your PM yet. If your message is already in the sentbox, it means that your buyer has already read your PM.), did not post on the seller's thread (thread for the seller's shop) confirming that he/she has already received his/her purchased stuff, and did not make a cash transfer (in the purpose that he/she doesn't want his/her cash to be deducted) within 48 HOURS/2 DAYS, report it right away to a moderator or an administrator. If that certain seller has given enough evidences that his/her buyer gambled him/her, then that member (buyer) WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED FOR A YEAR. So please, do not gamble as you do the transaction. [:

NOTE: Of course, before granting the buyer's purchase, don't forget to check his/her cash if it's enough for the item/service he/she wants to purchase. lol!

So what are you waiting for? Request now for your own shop!

Do you confirm that your account will be deducted 500 DPC Cash in exchange for your own authorized shop here in DPC?: [Yes/No]
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Re: *NEW* Member's Own Shop

Post by XED on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:52 am

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