Vice Ganda is the next Willie Revilliame

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Vice Ganda is the next Willie Revilliame

Post by karenXD on Mon May 24, 2010 10:51 pm

Showtime resident judge Vice Ganda got pissed off at new judge Tado
Jimenez on the show's episode today.

It all started when Tado was giving his comment to a group of
performers and he said something like "Para kayong bakla...". Then
Vice interrupted, "Bakit, ano'ng problema mo sa mga bakla?"

Vice's approach was already confrontational on Tado and then the
latter asked Vice to read the statement on his shirt, which says, "Di
bale nang magnakaw, kaysa mamakla!"

To which Vice reacted differently and said, "masama ang magnakaw at
hindi masama ang mamakla."

Tado then added, "Kapag nagigipit, sa bakla kumakapit."

It was an endless exchange of lines between the two, until Vice's time
to make a comment on the contestants. He told Tado, "Makinig ka Tado!"
but Tado said, "Ay sorry, 'di kasi ako nakikinig." Then Vice uttered,
"Talagang hindi ka nakikinig kasi bastos ka!"

Vice was obviously "pikon" and yes, Tado was a bit rude, but both of
them become rude that time.

As for Tado's statement shirt, it's already known before that he has a
business. He sells shirts with funny quotes. What's written on his
shirt is not a big deal coz it's just meant to be a joke. In fact, I
already heard it from Tado when he guested on Wowowee.

Vice should learn to take things easily. Obviously, he's sensitive
when it comes to his sexuality but he also throws offensive jokes to
other people and therefore, he should not get offended if others will
make fun at him.

Vice should also learn to respect other judges' opinions. This has
always been the problem with Vice. He negates other judges' comments
to the point he interrupts while another judge is having his or her

I'm afraid Vice is becoming like Willie Revillame, who couldn't
control his emotion on air.

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Re: Vice Ganda is the next Willie Revilliame

Post by XED on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:38 am

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