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  • 20100612
     Global announcement:
    Hey guys! We have decided to have an Eye Ball this month of June.

    Please set date.

    Setting: Mall of Asia.

    Any suggestions? Please let us know!

    by Russel - Comments: 9 - Views: 108
  • 20100430
     Global announcement:
    DPC Updates - May 2010

    Hello. Here are some updates of our forum for this coming month of May.

    A.) Theme Update
    Our forum has a new theme made by our one and only founder, Russel. May you enjoy it's calming and bubbly appearance.

    B.) Moderation Colors
    The colors of the usergroups have been changed due to the change of the overall theme. Here are the exact...

    by Patrick - Comments: 1 - Views: 71
  • 20100305
     Global announcement:
    - Temporarily Closed

    by Russel - Comments: 0 - Views: 322
  • 20091011
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    Only one topic per user.
    Share your journal,blogs or daily updates here.
    Please avoid your journal thread being off topic or making it a chat thread.

    Warnings will be given to those people who will not follow these simple rules.

    off topic = spam
    spam = 1 warning

    by JUSTiNE P. - Comments: 0 - Views: 162
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  • 20100603
    dyornal ko puu .. :))
    weee .. MARIA REGINA -- isang pangalang napakabanal na binigay ng parents ko sakin .. pero hindi ata nagrereflect ee .. haha

    When the school year 2010-2011 opens i will be a proud 4th year student of Rosario Institute here in our place Rosario,Cavite
    December 23 , 1994 -- Isang Petsa na hinding-hindi makakalimutan ng nanay at tatay ko kasi this date is the date when i was born by my mother ... 15 years old na ko .. but i act as 18 years old because sabi nga nila "matured"...

    by ayemegine - Comments: 1 - Views: 213
  • 20100530
    For some reasons, I need to give up my administration powers and rank.
    So now, I personally wish for my rank to be removed as well as my membership in the fake Administrators group. I was not given a chance to privately do this in the Backstage (for I am now just an administrator in rank, was removed in the real administrators group) so I created this thread in this section.

    Russel: Thank you for the trust that you gave me. (starting from making me a promoter, to a moderator, to a global moderator, and to an administrator. I hope I have done my job satisfactorily.

    by Patrick - Comments: 1 - Views: 138
  • 20100403
    Inggitero ako, kaya naman gagawa na rin ako ng sarili kong journal. lmao

    hello, kmsta?

    Name: Shediemar Amil Sabandal (ayoko sa name ko. errr! lmao )
    call me shed or xed
    Age: 17 y/o
    Location: Zamboanga city
    Birthdate: June 14, 1992
    (yeah! pwede na akong mag-parteeeeeeeeeeey all night after...

    by XED - Comments: 18 - Views: 233
  • 20100306

    by Patrick - Comments: 32 - Views: 659
  • 20100218

    by Null - Comments: 38 - Views: 437
  • 20100216
    uie.. iimisyuu && iilubbyu co keo uber..
    busy asi sa school ee..
    malapit na finals namin..tss..

    i shall return :D

    irrst jurnal to ebir kea uag magulo lol!


    by L'Jyen [♥] - Comments: 60 - Views: 790
  • 20100212
    Phrem's self-intro ..
    Hi there reader ,
    before you continue reading ..
    please raise your right hand , && promise to read my journal
    until the end of what I'd wrote ..
    Done? Thank you . lmao

    The birthname was Premrose Hallarces Malan ..
    famously known as PHREM in the cyber world especially on other forums out there . No need to mention them , i might go break the rules . nako Im a half-Kastila churva...

    by Phrem - Comments: 36 - Views: 508
  • 20100122

    comment kau huh?
    wet ako.
    (nakiki-epal lam lol!)

    Ok, let's make this a formal intro..
    Hi ..
    I'm Krista Gelig
    my senior classmates...

    by Krista (: - Comments: 168 - Views: 1532
  • 20100120
    ,., anung ms pi2liin mu c past n bumblik xau at lam mung my puwang p xa s hart mu or c present n mzya ka pwo d mu xure kung anu b tlga xa sau ??? pale


    by princezita - Comments: 53 - Views: 550
  • 20100109
     [ Poll ]
    Hope you like it!
    Want to know hu i am?

    here is goes:

    The reality to know who am I =}

    March 21 1993, the two becomes three; the last fruit in the family, another one who can make them happy; just like the two as you can see. Do you know who is he? It's just me. The inner and radiant me. The youngest in the family.

    The Future Dreamer. God's Believer and Difficulty Survivor. What can you say?

    My beautiful nickname, Jing; would always whisper...

    by nicecrampcream - Comments: 51 - Views: 558
  • 20100109

    khateLyn nicoLe retorca lee.

    yon ang buong pangalan ko. lmao
    birthday ko tuwing May 7. kaya get ready...

    by `nikkybabe. - Comments: 199 - Views: 1778
  • 20100104
    danica mae cleopas ang pangalan ko ) 17 years old at kabirthday ko si pringles kaso mas matanda sya sakin ng 1 year ) nyx, dan, mae yan ung mga nickname ko ) at kung pano naging yhang, tawag sakin ng tita ko, at kung bakit, hindi ko din alam )

    sophomore college student ako, taking up BSED-Math sa...

    by Danica :) - Comments: 39 - Views: 457
  • 20100104

    ii dont flirt ..
    ii socialize

    NAME : Jan Pauline Agualada Nicolas
    AGE : fifteen tears old xD
    Sex : ...

    by `PAU.sunshine - Comments: 55 - Views: 771
  • 20100103
    About Me
    read .. read .. read ..


    └► A Sister,
    └► A Cousin,
    └► A Student,
    └► A Dreamer,
    └► A Daughter,
    └► A Loving friend,
    └► A Grand-daughter

    └→ Cy is the given name. 13 years...

    by CEE.WAii - Comments: 33 - Views: 676
  • 20100102
    informations about me:
    Richard Danton is the name. 16 years of age last November 20. Studying at Regional Science High School - X. This guy is located in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental.
    Loves to:
    -make poems
    -surf the net
    Status in lyf?
    - Single and complicated.
    looking for a partner.
    I'm just inspired but not inlove.
    For more informations about me, you may ask questions and i'll edit my first post.
    your questions will...

    by chardcastic - Comments: 18 - Views: 331
  • 20100101
    Hello .. Guest ..
    bakasyon. wala magawa.. nakakatamad. BOORING.

    ~ lery. - ako iyan. XD

    june 14 na pasukan namin .. yuhooooooo. :D

    ~ ayun. college na c akesh. HAHA. =))

    This year. 17 years old na ko. tas debut ko na next yr. invited kau. Hahaha!

    Ngayun, sakitin ako. Ewan ko kung bakit. :(

    Single din ako. Ayun, ewan ko din kung bakit....

    by Lery XD - Comments: 300 - Views: 2671
  • 20091221
    Hi. Bye

    by `~ BLASPHEMY™ - Comments: 23 - Views: 260
  • 20091220
    nainlove !!
    mahal ko si patrick !
    mahal na mahal ! <3

    wait pero di ung patrick na co-admin ntin ahh .. ( congrats nga pala pat ) i mean is Patrick Louie Sugui ..

    haha over ako maging fan no ! X)))


    for those who did'nt know me ,

    bianca sarrah igharas

    by xP►[bianx'♥] - Comments: 86 - Views: 1104
  • 20091220
    hi pu xa lahat. welcome new member pa pu aco dito.
    share co lang pu. mm
    hihi. i want to meet new friends.
    uhm, i'm Rachel R. Llave from Antipolo, 14 years old,
    3rd year high school of Our Lady of Peace School of Antipolo.

    uhm, bago pu pala nabuo yang name co, ee,
    marami p pung napagdaan ean. !
    dapat pu kaxe, Rowie eung first name co,
    which is eung first name ngeon ng little sister co . .
    ee kaxo xav ng lola...

    by xhel - Comments: 20 - Views: 272
  • 20091219
    Heyya Ako po si KAREN Joyce Briones. They call me Karen
    15 y/o taga isabela. Nag-aaral ako sa Children First School, owned by our city mayor lmao
    Consistent Honor Student ako sa school and Active Class Officer.

    Sensitive ako, masayahin. Timang lmao
    Mahilig ako sa foods eat kaya medyo chubby ako

    by karenXD - Comments: 18 - Views: 259
  • 20091219
    lmao ok,ok,Nyxz's Journal is here ,may popcorn na ba kau?,just sit back and enjoy my brief story about me,my LIFE,and everything including LOVELIFE na rin cguro (c lola basyang muna aq ngaun) ,here it is :

    ABOUT ME :
    hello everyone, I'm Nicole Allen Mendez Santillan

    by Nyxz - Comments: 26 - Views: 738
  • 20091213
    PANGALAN: Isabella Francesca Gatson Corgos
    KAARAWAN: October 12, 1993
    EDAD: 16 y/o
    ADDRESS: Iloilo City; City of L♥️VE


    ako, isang batabg ilongga. proud aq diyan...

    by Cheska :] - Comments: 9 - Views: 171
  • 20091207
    Una, ayoko na tinatawag akong KRIZHIA (which is my first name)
    why? wag kang excited... malalaman mo rin mamaya, kaya, basa pa...

    masyado akong mariming arte sa buhay xD pero carry lang.. <img src="">

    by iCHAii - Comments: 17 - Views: 319
  • 20091203
    buhay ko to . wag mo gayahin .
    hhmmm .

    name : king daniel v. vicedo

    ayan yung buong pangalan ko .

    dapat daniel lang ean . dinagdagan ng lola ko kaya may king . EEEEW .

    diba ? napapangitan nga ako sa pangalan ko actually . ayoko na tawagin akong king . sige . subukan nio lang mang-asar! :|

    ang burdey ko ay , , december 15 po . lapit na . tatanda na ko .
    pero sasamantalahin ko na lahat para maipagmalaking 14 lang ako na may height na 5'7 . o diba ? XD

    aii oo nga pala .

    hindi po RUENIEL ang pangalan ko .
    nagpapapalit nga...

    by danielvicedo - Comments: 22 - Views: 698
  • 20091125
     [ Poll ]

    nako Search && Add Ante && Anko :][/b]

    by MhingMhengXD - Comments: 210 - Views: 2077
  • 20091121
     [ Poll ]

    Name:Ace kent
    Age:12 yrs
    Location:Camarin caloocan city
    Akuh ung batang malakas magtrip
    Mabaet,palabiro,masayahin at higit sa lahat mapagmahal
    [b]DOTA VS GF.. MGA ADIK SA DOTA PAKIBASA.. <img src="">

    by Ace-08™ - Comments: 80 - Views: 820
  • 20091112
    Journal. Just wanna try this out.

    Hello! SnowWingedCake here.
    So let's start it off.

    I'm Robert Michael Tariao Lucero IRL,
    currently a college student in University of Perpetual Help System Dalta in Las Piñas branch,
    and taking BSHRM this second semester.
    I'm 16 years old young.
    I saw this world at April 3, 1993.
    The place where I'm born is in Chinese Medical Hospital.
    I'm the fourth, (supposedly fifth) spoiled brat child of my parents.

    by WingedSnowCake - Comments: 16 - Views: 240
  • 20091102


    but u can call me

    peo twag skn ng mga kaklase qu
    pngsma2 nla lhat ng nickneim qu ^^
    astig nuh? <img src="">

    im 14 yrs old.kaka-4teen qu lng
    nung sept.9
    ++ JUNiOR ng Judge Juan Luna High School.

    ahm.mhiyain DAW aqu?
    peo s totoo lng
    KALOG aqu
    d lng hlata <img src="">

    by kimpot909 - Comments: 18 - Views: 300
  • 20091026

    by Russel - Comments: 17 - Views: 311
  • 20091026

    boom sinu ako? eat
    ako si kliing-kliing | Kliing2x™️ | Kliing | rock on!

    N- Nabubuhay
    A- ako
    S- sa

    by kLiing2x™ - Comments: 30 - Views: 868
  • 20091023
    im mariel zyre yee.,.,., half pinoy half chinese.,.,.,
    17 years old.,.,., ngstop akuh mag aral ksi i pursued my own interest which is modeling.,.,.,
    nsa isng modeling agency akuh s makati.,.,.,
    blik teu s buhay kuh.,.,.,
    lumki akuh d2 s imus cavite.,.,.,
    separated n mom nd dad kuh.,.,., akuh lng ang anak nd im staying w/ my mom now.,.,.,.,
    ung dad kuh s alabang nkatira ksama ung new fmily nia.,.,., i wanted to stay there ksi maganda ung bahay ni dad nd sosyal pero naisip kuh dn si mama.,.,., ms kailangan nya akuh.,.,.,
    lht ng mga only child kdlsan spoiled kya...

    by mariel_22 - Comments: 8 - Views: 165
  • 20091017

    Giannina Lourdes Chalan Araga
    Ghia , Chiiya , Chii , Shanins
    sikstiin years old
    October 24 1993
    suplada sa unang tingin
    maldita sabi ng marami
    maarte sabi ko^^totoo promise pero nsa lugar ang kaartihan ko
    tahimik pag galit , ayoko sa makalat
    naaadik ako sa fashion ) and i think vintage is really cool^^
    favorite ko ang icecream at fries
    i love reading and collectiong books...

    by CHiiYA - Comments: 15 - Views: 243
  • 20091015

    * ha. nandito ka pla sa dyurnal ko. lmao

    Kilala nyo na ako diba?
    Kryzza Mel Mabaquiao Hilay
    September 28, 1996
    Taga Iloilo City - City of Love lmao

    - -

    eto ako. laging B-O-R-E-D.
    Summer na. walang classes....

    by Meliatrix :) - Comments: 136 - Views: 1680
  • 20091013
    I am Merryl D. Llenado.
    aka LYRREM/APOL [lyrrem is the inverted name of mine. try to read it backwards.. :D]
    fourteen years of age.
    Obviously a female earthling.
    I live under your bed, Philippines. tongue

    Wanna know me?

    I'm the kind of creature maybe you've
    already met. But i'm different.
    I laugh hard. Talk loud.
    Shout as long as I want -- anytime, anywhere.

    Curious about my username?
    Well. Apol was the name i used to call
    my second bf....

    by StarApple. Ü - Comments: 16 - Views: 184
  • 20091013
    eluu po...
    ma.regina reyes-elona is da name
    14 years breathing in this world..

    currrently studying at Rosario Institute at Rosario,Cavite
    an active varsity of volleyball and an active theater actress in our school...


    egine is going to be 15 years old on Dec.15,2009

    kung amgre2galo kau
    padala neu na lng sa
    865 Tramo Rd. Brgy. Tejeros Convention Rosario,Cavite



    by † edyin † - Comments: 15 - Views: 249
  • 20091011
    I am Joey and Joey is my name
    I love Jason Mraz and Jason Mraz is my love =]
    I'm in love with Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift captured my heart :]

    That's all i guess.. Thanks noodles

    by JoeyHarlequin - Comments: 12 - Views: 147
  • 20091010
    I'm like Scooby-Doo.
    I'm not always brave, I stand out,
    I get scared, I like food,
    and I talk weird. But I have amazing friends and that's all I need.

    Who is Izza ?
    They would say, "The girl with a slouched back and guitar". But she's just not like that.

    Izza or Sai is elegantly fabulous and sweet -- the perfect description for this wonderful, funny and tall lady. She is a girl who always cares, brightens...

    by issay. - Comments: 26 - Views: 269

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